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Classes to create a simple HTTP server and other browser related functionality.

This is intended to serve a small number of requests. It can be used to monitor the status of a process and to run a ZWT UI.

ENUM  RequestType @public  Request type names according to HTTP/1.1. Uppercase in request.
CLASS  Request @public  The HTTP request fields.
CLASS  Response @public  The HTTP response fields.
CLASS  Context @public  Stores the Server, Request and Response, so that we only need to pass one argument to $serve methods.
CLASS  Servlet @public  Base class for all Servlets.
CLASS  LoginServlet @public  Generate a redirect when the user is not logged in.
CLASS  RedirectServlet @public  Generate a 301 redirect.
CLASS  FileServlet @public  Get the page body from a file.
CLASS  StringServlet @public  A Servlet that gets the page body from a string.
CLASS  FunctionServlet @public  A Servlet that generates the page body with a function.
CLASS  RpcServlet @public  A Servlet that handles RPC requests.
ENUM  Verbosity @public  Verbosity of the server:
CLASS  Server @public  The actual HTTP server.

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