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MODULE BOX @public



Pieces for Boxes (Containers)

Still very much under development.

PIECE  MaxMin<Titem> @public  Provide max() and min() for any Box that has $Iterator() and the item supports Compare().
PIECE  Average<Titem> @public  Provide average() and total() for any Box that has $Iterator() and where the item type can be added up.
PIECE  ByItem<Titem> @public  Provide removeItem(Titem) and clearItem(Titem) for any Box that has find(Titem), remove(int) and clear(int)
CLASS  ListIterator<Titem> @public  The iterator that list<Titem>.Iterator() returns.
CLASS  ListKeyIterator<Titem> @public  The iterator that list<Titem>.KeyIterator() returns.

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